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Cool Links Page

As I have surfed the web I have found some pretty cool sites and I am posting them here if I find more I will put them on so check back often
All game sites here are free to play
Matt Lyons Thundercat PageHas a Thundercat for sale page
The Digitally Enhanced Thundercats PageHas some really cool pics and toy info
CyberGold: Earn cash the easy way and if you go here tell them sent you
Bingo Zone: Win money by playing bingo how easier could it get
BMG Music: Get CDs for a really cheap price and tell them sent you
eBAY Auctin Web: You could find almost anything you would want here
Riddler: Answer questions and play games to get you caps which gives you points toward prizes
Cyber Arcade: Play games and win cash
The Ultimate Nintendo 64 Game Cheats Page: Anyone who has N64 has got to check this place out
Goodnow's Action Figure Mart:There's some Thunderccats for sale here