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Lion-o, Snarf, Tygra, and Panthro

(1st Pic) Lion-o (left) is the Lord of the Thundercats. As his weapons he has the Sword of Omens and his claw. The sword is special because it gives Lion-o the power of Sight Beyond Sight and can call on the other Thundercats if needed at anytime. And he is the strongest of the Thundercats. As a child Loin-o was my favorite. Snarf (right) is the smallest of the Thundercats. He was brought along to care for Lion-o when he was young. But when Lion-o got older Snarf became sort of a side kick to him and the others. (2nd Pic) Tygra has a special ability by wrapping his Bolo whip around his body then he pulls on the whip and becomes invisible. Tygra is the wisest of the Thundercats on Third Earth (Besides Jaga which I don't think counts because he is a spirit and can be anywhere.) (3rd Pic) Panthro is the mechanically smart one of the Thundercats because he built the Thundertank and made the plans for the Cats Lair. Panthro is the second strongest of the Thundercats.

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